The Best Dark Comics to Read if You are an Aspiring Writer

Dark Comics

Fiction has been selling like hotcakes all across the globe for decades. As time passes, the fire never ceases but only continues to conquer millions of hearts. People from many parts of the world have explored the realms created by these comics so much so that there is an overall demand for more themes. Since many writers find a creative block at various stages, it is hard to create fictitious situations that bring multiple characters in a battle to romance scene after scene simply to keep the readers engaged.

This could be harrowing for many aspiring writers because the hassle of having to create schematics that don’t fit the plot but adheres to popular interest may dispirit them right from the beginning. Although hundreds of such comics have failed in the past, some creations have been major hits. If you are a fan of dark comics and have been wanting to write one, here are some of the best in that genre.

1.      Monster

This is an 18-volume manga written by Naoki Urasawa, and it won multiple awards over the seven years it got published. Monster is all about the life-altering decision of Dr. Kenzo Tenma to save the life of Johan Liebert, a dangerous serial killer. It was only after the surgery that the doctor came to know about the dark side of the person he just saved. Tenma’s journey to expiate for his wrongs drives the plot ahead for a thrilling experience. While every other story explores either the black and white in the respective worlds, Monster finds the middle ground with grey characters.

2.      Bitch Planet

Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro brought some of the most compelling environments and exciting characters to life through their work of fiction named Bitch Planet, a high-concept story that explores the genre of dystopian prison drama. Women are used in this story as nuanced and strong reinforcing elements rather than mere objects. While many other movies and works of fiction have objectified women with nude scenes, Bitch Planet brings the female body in non-sexual contexts to normalize it. Feminist issues are discussed in the comic through multiple plot points.

Bitch Planet

3.      Maus

Maus is a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel written and conceived by Art Spiegelman. The comic explores the life of the author through an interview conducted by him of his father, Vladek. Both their lives are brought into the light, with the German backdrop intensifying the whole plot for better thrills. Unlike many other comics you read, Maus is one that will stay imprinted within you as one of the greatest imaginative memories.

4.      Lady Killer

If you are a lover of dark comedies and like the presence of female characters in those stories, Lady Killer is a perfect choice. It is written by Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich. You can expect a lot of sex, gore, and fun in this book.

The Best Dark Comics to Read if You are an Aspiring Writer

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