How to Choose Which Genre to Write


Being new to writing can push many thoughts into your head, from the traits of your characters to their names, flummoxing you after a certain point. If you have wanted to soak yourself in the depths of writing, there are many aspects to look for. Once you have decided to dip yourself in the turgid waters of the writing realm, you will have to start exploring the various elements involved in the process. One of the first things you must learn when writing is the various genres in the market. You must know of all the prominent genres and subgenres so that you can set your story in one to expand the world based on the characters present. When you have decided to write but have only the seed of an idea, fixing a genre might help you develop the plot faster. Let us look at some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a genre.

Know What You Love

A writer should always know what world they love the most. Unless you have a favorite, you will keep straddling between the most popular ones trying to adhere to the standards. If you enjoy reading thriller, horror, or suspense, it is that mood you need to create with the characters and plot point you have in mind. On the other hand, if you are a sucker for romantic dramas, go for it because the market is always in need of more content-driven romances. Each time you read a book, try to find the element that hooked you. Take the most important points that got your attention and find if they all belong to the same genre. If the comedy struck you the most and if you have a flair for cracking jokes, you can try writing comedy as well.

Know What You Love

Don’t Write for Money.

When you are a writer, ethics and principles matter the most. Avarice should never be allowed to take over your heart, meaning the greed for money shouldn’t dominate your talent. Setting a goal will help you stay within your limits and be patient with what you do. Compromising your skills for someone else’s requirements to make money may meet your present needs but ruin your reputation. Take your time and invest in the story you have created. Choose a genre that you are confident enough to foray into; never do it for the payment. Do what you feel is right for the creative mind in you.


Consider the Audience’s Perspective

Not everyone will accept what you have written; you need to spend time creating a world with multiple characters and plot points. But that alone may not work in almost all cases because the audience must find it engaging. The key to ensuring the best elements in your book, try to view your creation as a reader. You will find mistakes in your content when you take another perspective on the story you have created. This will help you find the genre you are best at.

How to Choose Which Genre to Write

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