How to Start Writing a Book

How to Start

It is the decision to jot down the points and start your first draft that matters in the whole process of writing. As many experts and legends have stated in the past, that moment of accepting the need to start writing and getting it done is the hardest to achieve. Taking it ahead from there isn’t much of a task; the experience of the great and growing writers says so. To stumble upon that moment and decide to write would be intimidating for most people. Being a beginner in writing can further multiply the hurdles to the successful completion of their work.

The abject situation of throwing away the tenth draft due to its uncompelling plot could dishearten you, but not starting with your work could paralyze you. Every strong emotion evoked by the mere thought of not being able to write even a word can keep bringing in other concerns about the success of the book when published. These are situations every writer may have faced and tackled after toiling for hours. If you have been trying to begin your journey through a story, here is how you can start writing it.

1.      Decide on the Environment You Need


Each writer’s preferences might differ based on their taste and the life they have had all these years. While some may like to sit comfortably on their couch to create the best, many others would travel long distances to the most isolated places to start with their work. Once you have decided on the place of escape for the artist in you, make sure to have various inspirational collections to get motivated each time you lose the grip over a scene. Try being flexible with what you do, listen to music, use a calendar, and unclutter your atmosphere to get things done faster.

2.      Develop the Habit

Finding the right environment shouldn’t be the last thing you do in encouraging yourself to start writing. The next big step in the whole process is developing the habit of doing it every day. It is the lack of this practice that you haven’t had any progress with your work. Plenty of tools like reminders and calendars can be used to help you set time for the sessions. You could also employ other services to enhance your skills, further helping you with the habit.


3.      An Outline is Necessary

When you write a book, you always need an outline to start with. Unless you have the foundation to a scene, every character developed would lose their ground and appear lousy. Nuances are what the readers seek in every story; so, make sure you add layers to the situations you create. All of it would be possible if you embark on the journey from the outline.

4.      Stay Focused

When you are working on your book, try not to indulge in any other activity. Also, stay away from all distractions so that the work has your complete attention. Turn your phone off while writing; make sure to keep every such object away during your working hours.

How to Start Writing a Book

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