How to Write Comics


Writers are available in abundance out there, but not all can excel at creating magic out of a few words. Terse content evoking the maximum range of emotions is what every reader seeks in a book. If you are an aspiring writer, you have multiple aspects and lessons to learn before starting and finishing your draft in less than a few days. You must take considerable time to contemplate the various characters used in the story. Comics are an entirely different zone that needs exploration inside out by imbibing the most basic concepts that form the best creations. These artistic pieces are rich in content and colors, with their illustrations and dialogues taking the plot to a whole new level of excellence. No ideal way of creating comics has been written down; so, all you can do is follow a pattern and break your mold by bringing new conventions and thrill to the elements of comic books.

1.      Getting the Draft for the Story Done

The first step to creating a comic book is drafting a compelling story for the idea you have outlined in your head. To put it on paper is the challenge many writers face, but once that stage is completed, all you have to do is flesh out the characters. Though you may have experience writing other types of books, comics are rather different. You will need to keep the story engaging by adding all the visual elements in the draft. The story must also be streamlined by infusing artistic styles into the scenes.

Make sure to create paragraphs for the draft so that you have a better idea of what every situation holds for the readers. Also, bring flawed and exciting characters into the story instead of sticking to the pure black and white contrast. Follow the three-stage-pattern where you introduce the character and world to the readers in the first act, followed by the description of the problem that needs solving. And the third act would surely have to be of finding the best solution to that issue.

2.      Creating Mock-Ups

Writing Comics Book

Your ideas need a medium to thrive, and the ideal way to do it is by building a mock-up for them. Even if you aren’t artistically inclined, hiring an artist need not be the plan you go for. Simply stick to the basics and create figures that will help convey the plot without flaws. Dividing blank pages into panels and incorporating multiple timelines into them will aid in the complete development of mock-ups. When you work on the graphics, keep the script by your side to design every scene with precision.

3.      Publish Your Work

The next big task is to publish your comics and make a buzz out of it. You can do it by starting a free webcomic without having to rely on agents for the right platform. However, if you find that hard, you must approach agents or publishers to get a wider audience.

How to Write Comics

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