Submission Guidelines

We are Currently OPEN for
Non-Fiction Submissions ONLY
for release in 2014

North American Based Authors Only Please

Read time is roughly 6 weeks.

We are most interested in detailed historical works about
haunted locations within North America.

Manuscript Length Should be between 60,000 and 110,000 words.
There is some "wiggle room" - but keep it close. 

We are ALSO OPEN to queries regarding other Non-Fiction works.
Specifically, True Crime and works related to horror/mystery in media.
For non-fiction ONLY, please send a one-two paragraph synopsis of the work, a quick review of why you are qualified to be an author/expert on the topic, and no more that two sample chapters.  Follow the fiction manuscript guidelines noted below.


From our FAQ on the About/Contact Page ...

What kind of books do you publish? 

We like dark fiction and some types of non-fiction. 

What's dark fiction ? 

Horror, science fiction with more menace than science, psychological thrillers, mystery, urban fantasy, you get the idea. 

What don't you publish? 

Romance, erotica, epic fantasy, fan fiction, hard science fiction, splatter-punk, experimental fiction, and poetry. 

You mentioned non-fiction, too. 

We're looking for paranormal/haunted books, media/movie books, that kind of stuff. Tales of Haunted Amusement Parks, perfect. A study of insect migration in South Dakota, allow me to refer you to B2P.  

Please use this link to submit your non-fiction work.

Other non-fiction work queries should be sent to 

Paranormal Non-Fiction and Novels sent this address will NOT be read. 

All Submissions Should Be In The Following Format:

 MSWord Document (rtf, doc or docx)

Include the story title & your by-line at the top of the first page.

Times New Roman (or similar, easy to read font)

12 pt, double spaced

1" Margins         Left Justified (Align Text Left)     

1/4" natural paragraph indents

One space after sentence ending punctuation rather than two

Please avoid UNDERLINE - consider italics

No HARD CODED Headers, Footers, or Page Numbers


DO NOT use the space bar to indent paragraphs

Contact Information should include:

Real/Legal Name – for publishing contract

Email address

Street address – for delivery of contributor copy/royalties

Please include a short (two to four sentences) personal biography .

Please include a quick note summarizing your story in the body of the email.
Nothing huge - like what you'd see on the back of a book cover.
Blank subject lines & emails are subject to deletion.

We cannot accept hard copy manuscripts


For more information contact:

Sorry, no fan fiction.


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