"a hallucinogenic horror-story
that’s more like A Nightmare on Elm Street
than Sherlock Holmes at his most lurid."

Detective Gugel has spent years in the South American jungle and is an initiated shaman. He is especially devoted to peyote. Peyote, which along with his shamanistic-yogic training, gives him certain “powers.” He sees the everyday world as merely the foyer that leads into a gigantic spiritual arena where “real” reality exists. A woman has been napalmed to death in her driveway in Grimore Park, a wealthy suburb north of Chicago and Gugel is called in on the case. The case takes Gugel to East Lansing, Michigan, where he begins his investigation and ultimately learns the murdered woman was a diabolical monster with evil plans for all who crossed her path.

“There’s something genuinely and lovingly kooky about Hugh Fox’s world...a little Antonioni mixed up with the Addams Family ”     -Lo Galluccio

Hugh Fox is the Paul Bunyan of American Letters, part myth, part monster, and, myself-as-subject, a magnificent non-stop storyteller.” - Bill Ryan

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