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With over 80 books in print since opening in late 2010, Post Mortem Press has grown from a distraction against the worries of a corporate career gone awry to a successful independent publishing concern. Post Mortem Press apparently did something unusual; they combined business acumen with a love of the written word and respect for the authors who create them. 

We have earned the respect of many luminaries in the world of dark fiction.

The likes of Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Harlan Ellison, Johnathan Maberry, F Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum, and many more have graced the pages of Post Mortem Press anthologies. 

The singular goal of Post Mortem Press is to answer opportunity's call by providing an outlet for new and established writers of speculative fiction. Founder Eric Beebe brings practical experience in both business and publishing, but not the publishing business (a good thing - really), allowing for a sustainable small press. 

Our business model allows us to consider publishing works that may be overlooked by the mainstream. Unlike many other publishing concerns out there, we don't want anything from our authors other than their support in promoting their books. This process provides for a payoff for the author's creative sweat equity. 

Post Mortem Press covers the cost associated with creating a professional book and pays royalties for each sale, while offering author copies at prices just above our cost.

Kitty Zombie - our favorite zombie
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Paul Anderson  - Acquisitions Editor / Fiction 

Acquisition Editor Paul Anderson is currently a writing teacher and freelance journalist, frequently giving workshops on the mechanics and business of writing. Paul is the editor of Post Mortem Press's TORN REALITIES and a creative consultant on the critically acclaimed anthology FEAR THE ABYSS. Primarily a short story writer, his work has appeared in numerous Post Mortem Press anthologies, as well as INTO THE DARKNESS by Necro Publications, THE NEW BEDLAM PROJECT, NECROTIC TISSUE, and others.

Elizabeth Jenike - Associate Editor 

Elizabeth Jenike is a master’s student of fiction at Miami University of Ohio and received her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Northern Kentucky University in 2012. Her interests lie in speculative fiction of any kind. Her current project is a steampunk/dark fantasy novel called BLOOD OF THE WINDMAKER.

More information can be found at

Anne Quinn - Media Liason 

Anne Quinn is a recent refugee from the New York publishing scene. Tired of being an anonymous cog in a giant machine, she's landed at PMP because "you guys publish the kind of books I like to read".  

You can reach Anne via email at 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

 This is a growing document and as time progresses there will be more answers? 

Will you publish my book? 

The quick and honest answer is, maybe. 
We accept novel submissions for a limited time each year for the following year. We publish roughly 10-12 books a year and receive around 200 submissions/queries. You do the math, that's about 5%. 

How much does it cost if you publish my book? 

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It's not a sales pitch, it's the truth. Money should flow to the author. Other than buying DEEP DISCOUNT copies of your book, at no time will we ask  for your money. You wrote the book, that's your cost. 

Are you books available in bookstores? 

That's a tricky question. Yes, they are available, BUT you would most likely have to special order them. We have an arrangement that allows our books to be purchased wholesale via The Ingram Book Company. Our books tend to be at independent stores located in the area where a PMP author resides. 

What kind of books do you publish? 

We like dark fiction and some types of non-fiction. 

What's dark fiction 

Horror, science fiction with more menace than science, psychological thrillers, mystery, urban fantasy, you get the idea. 

What don't you publish? 

Romance, erotica, epic fantasy, fan fiction, hard science fiction, splatter-punk, experimental fiction, and poetry. 

You mentioned non-fiction, too. 

We're looking for paranormal/haunted books, media/movie books, that kind of stuff. Tales of Haunted Amusement Parks, perfect. A study of insect migration in South Dakota, allow me to refer you to B2P

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