Welcome to Barlow, Arkansas, a small town where the simple life is getting very complicated.

Hank Harmon would like nothing more than to live out his autumn years in peace and quiet. But then a legendary creature from the fringes of folklore strolls into Hank’s life, and those dreams of peace and quiet are shattered. Now Hank and his dim-witted buddy Catfish find themselves squaring off against a vengeful preacher, a sheriff with a grudge, and the Hollywood dream factory. Their mission? To protect one of the last true mysteries of nature from a world that would like nothing more than to exploit and destroy it. And to maybe have a few beers and break a few laws along the way.

This is a story of love, friendship, and the Sasquatch. This is a story of junk food, fistfights, misdemeanors, and liquor.

This is Barlow, Arkansas.

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